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Artistic Basalt Columns
Basalt columns from quarries in Canada, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington States that are producing North America's best landscape basalt columns. Transported from the quarries, the stone is then transformed into works of art with a great deal of hand work.
These are the following sizes of the rock. These columns have be artistically fabricated by very talented people.
The columns are mostly 16" - 18" and 18" to 24" wide
These premium grade artistically crafted 4 and 5-sided large basalt columns are stunning in landscape and waterscapes.
Hand carved or polished basalt columns are a gorgeous complement to any project, whether you're installing a large basalt column placement piece for a commercial, residential, or public works project it simply adds a rich touch to your landscaping setting.
We sell basalt columns in various heights, diameters, and shades to suit any application.

Artistic Basalt Columns