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Black Reflective Tempered Fire Glass
Elevate your outdoor ambiance with the timeless sophistication of Black Fire Glass. Black, synonymous with dignified style and elegance, effortlessly complements any refined setting, offering your customers a touch of class and distinction for their fireplace or fire pit.
Imagine the mesmerizing contrast as red and yellow flames dance above the obsidian-like glass, creating a breathtaking spectacle. With a mirrored side each, the glass transforms the fire bed into a display of glowing embers, captivating both your customers and their visitors.
Beyond its visual appeal, our black reflective fire glass serves a practical purpose, seamlessly covering the floor of fire features and concealing unsightly pipes and tubes often visible in gas fireplaces and fire pits. Enchant with style and conceal with grace, our black reflective fire glass is the perfect choice for a spellbinding and practical outdoor display.
This is material is similar to the colorful heat treated glass seen in gas fire bowls and pits, but since it has not been heat treated it is lower in cost and more affordable for decorative purposes in gardens and landscapes.

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Black Reflective Tempered Glass 1/2" Black Reflective Fire Glass 1/2"

Enchant your guests with sparkling and shining flames dancing among these fireglass rocks.

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Price Per 5 Pounds $24.99
Inflation Fighter Sale $15.99
Savings: $9.00
Black Reflective Tempered Glass