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Brimstone D. G. Stabilized
A Clay / Quartz Pathway Material with golden tan to light brown material.
Stabilized with stabilizer from Stabilizer Solutions

Quarried in Riverside County and shipping bulk throughout Southern and Central California and supersacks as needed.
Brimstone is not a decomposed granite material but is widely used for pathways and patio surfaces by industry professionals because it is easily compacted and it has a high quartz content and medium brown color. It is also very popular with an Orange County major league baseball team and other athletic fields due to color and texture.

Brimstone Stabilized D. G. has been blended with a natural, non-toxic, water activated binder from Stabilizer Solutions to provide a durable, permeable, natural aggregate surface. Stabilized surfaces such as pedestrian, equestrian paths, driveways and parking areas are an environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing alternative to other paving surface materials. The stabilizing agent binds and locks decomposed granite particles together producing a durable natural aggregate surface.

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Brimstone D. G.