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BarkStone Rock Mulch
Granitic gneiss
Northern Arizona rock quarry shipping bulk rock throughout the Arizona, Southern California and Las Vegas region.
SuperEarth-sack shipments anywhere requsted.
This premium and hard to find rock is often called Woodstone Rock in Northern and Central California. Thus we have decided to go with name that represents the unique character of this fantastic rock material but does not ride on another marketing efforts.
BarkStone Rock is an beautiful blend of green, gold and brown colors that make this rock a real standout in the landscape materials business. It can add a beautiful contrast color to many landscapes.
There woody grain like appearance that brings a delightful mix of color and contrast within each rock. It has a very unique lateral character that looks like a petrified wood or rock bark.

Rate of Coverage
As a general rule 1 ton of 1" of crushed rock material will generally cover 100 square feet in a 2" inch layer. A cubic yard of crushed rock material will cover about 120 sqft. A cubic yard is approximately 2,600 pounds.
Purchase by the Scoop, Skip, Yard or Ton ?
Landscape supply yards are infamous for providing buyers with horrible rates of measurement. In nearly all cases they tell you that "their" scoop or skip is the best deal around and that they always give a little extra. Nothing could be further from the truth. All companies that buy at the wholesale level in our industry pay for their rock by the ton. When buy rock by the tone you are buying value, not hype.
BarkStone Green